10 Tips for Designing a Logo You Can be Proud Of

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Designing a logo is easy, right? We really wish that were the case but unfortunately, it’s not usually that simple! A lot goes into crafting a brand’s visual identity and many times it’s a company’s first impression, so you want your design to be impactful.

Although starting the creative process can be daunting, we’re here to break it all down for you and give you some tips for success!

1. Understand the brand

What’s your target market? Doing some research before you get started is really important. You need to have an understanding of the brand’s ideology and an idea of what kind of message they are trying to portray.

2. Design with the future in mind

While it’s important to keep up with current design trends, your logo shouldn’t be designed to be “trendy.” Trends come and go but you want your logo to be timeless. No one wants to rebrand every few years. Logos for brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have remained consistent since the companies were founded. This consistency in design builds imperative brand recognition.

3. Authenticity is key

A logo should be a reflection of the brand it represents. You know the brand so let the logo be the vessel that delivers the company’s objectives to the public. A logo isn’t what makes the company, but it allows for a connection to the quality and story of the brand.

4. Use color to your advantage

The logo you’re creating should be a reflection of the brand’s personality. Every color has a different implication and you want your choices to be consistent with brand identity. There’s a whole psychology of color design that is worth doing some research on!

5. Leverage type

The typeface you choose can say a lot about your brand so choose wisely! Certain styles are appropriate for certain business types. For example, a children’s clothing company may opt for a handwritten font because it’s more friendly and inviting. Don’t be afraid to get creative and even customize some fonts of your own!

6. Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate things! Find that balance between simple and unconventional and run with it. While you want your logo to resonate with people, you want to avoid people having to stop and analyze your design. Just look at Windows – their logo is simply 4 squares but it’s extremely recognizable and well known!

7. Utilize negative space

Utilizing negative space in your logo design requires balance and creativity giving you the opportunity to highlight your creativity! A clever logo will resonate with people and set your brand image apart from the rest. The World Wildlife Fund has a very simple yet impactful logo that utilizes negative space.

8. Avoid effects

Don’t bog down your beautiful design with gradients and drop shadows. Effects can distract the viewer from the overall meaning of the logo and increases the risk of your design looking unprofessional!

9. Make sure your design is impressive in black and white

You want your logo to be versatile and at some point, you’re going to need your logo in a black and white format for branded clothing, promotional items or even advertisements. Designing in black and white can also really help you hone in on the shapes and styles your working with. Give it a try!

10. Get an outside opinion

Having another set of eyes on your work can shed light on some important details you may have missed! Don’t be afraid to show your work to your peers. You’ll find that some really great ideas may come out of the quickest of conversations from sharing your work.

Don’t forget, If you need some creative help, we’re only a phone call or email away!

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