Some Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

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Marketing Tech knows SEO. More importantly, we peel back the curtain so you understand it too. We have heard a lot of questions from clients that we would like to share in case you’re wondering.

Q: Why do I need SEO?

A: You know why you need marketing. SEO is one of the most trackable forms of marketing. SEO is all about making your business discoverable on the web by those who may not know anything about you. You do this by optimizing your website content to satisfy the search queries of potential customers. Nowadays, this goes beyond simply optimizing for certain keywords. You have to keep in mind the intention behind the search and how your target audience would look up a business like yours.  If you succeed at this and your website comes up on the first page of search results, you have unlocked a source of free traffic to your website.

 Q: How much does SEO cost?

A: This can vary greatly depending on your business. If you’re in a competitive industry it will take a lot more effort and time to outrank your rivals in the search. If you’re a company specializing in a niche product or service, you will likely have an easier time climbing the ranks of SERPs. When it comes to budgeting for SEO it is important to be wary of $99 deals promising instant results. They often use what is called “black-hat” SEO tactics trying to trick search engines and can do more harm than good. Google is very much aware of the tricks used in an attempt to fool it, and can quickly penalize your website. The consequences, in this case, can be a drop in rankings or a manual action with complete removal from the search results. It is good to have at least a basic understanding of the SEO process and interview potential service providers to make sure they use sound strategies. You can learn more about budgeting for SEO and choosing the right service provider in this article. 

Q: What am I getting for the money?

A: If you choose to have Marketing Tech assist you with your SEO efforts, you will get a fully transparent strategy customized to your unique business goals and budget. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach that many other SEO companies apply. You will get not only timely reports on your website’s progress when it comes to rankings, traffic, and specific KPIs but also specific reports on each milestone and task that we complete within the project. We work with many small local businesses and we do understand the budget constraints. Our strategies are designed to get the best possible results for your investment.

Q: How long do I have to run an SEO campaign to see results?

A: SEO success is not measured in days or weeks, it’s a long-term effort best measured in months and even years. We set our SEO campaigns up in at least 6-month intervals to get the best results. SEO’s positive influence is best applied over time. It’s marketing dollars well spent. Our campaigns are scalable so you can adjust your spending after the first six months.

 Q: How is Marketing Tech any different from those other SEO guys I wasted good money with?

A: We’re going to guess that you spent money with an SEO company and had no idea what the results were. That’s a common occurrence. Or maybe you saw a bunch of data every month that you didn’t understand. As we mentioned before, our reporting and strategy are fully transparent, with our clients always in the know about the status of their campaign. In addition to the routine reports, we can provide on-demand snapshots for specific data that you may need. As we track a lot of information associated with your website during a campaign, we are always on the lookout for additional opportunities for your business, and we often make recommendations to clients that can be applied to other marketing efforts. Our team is also very responsive and is always ready to provide detailed guidance and recommendations at any step of the way.

We’re here to help with any of your needs, just drop us a line.

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