5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace The Power of Print Marketing and Direct Mail

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Welcome back to the Marketing Tech Blog, your trusted guide for all things print marketing here in WNY! In an era where digital advertising platforms seem to be the “easy” answer to every marketing inquiry, we’re here to tell you why traditional methods remain paramount to any company’s marketing strategy. 

When carefully planned and executed strategically, print is an effective, time-tested strategic marketing tool that can demonstrate clear ROI. If you haven’t recently considered what print could do for your company or your relationship with your current clients and customers, we’re here to tell you why It may be time to reconsider how you’re thinking about print marketing.

Every company has different needs, and we provide different needs for different clients. By partnering with an experienced local print marketing company, you’re provided security in knowing your marketing needs are always met, so you can focus on what matters most. Here are 5 reasons you should embrace print marketing for your Buffalo business.

Cost-Effective ROI for Your Brand

Digital advertising costs add up, and depending on your industry you could end up wasting a lot of money trying to make it work just because someone said it would. With many of the same abilities to target down to your small, local niche audience, or cover a large map of demographics, direct mail can provide a user-based, targeted strategy that can certainly compete with digital options.

Let’s be honest, digital advertising doesn’t answer every business’s need for marketing. Your business will need to print marketing materials, and when you do, you’re going to need the experience to help make it profitable. Some industries will most certainly struggle to see ROI results without print included somewhere in their marketing intentions. Outside of direct mail, the right print partner can help you maximize ROI by providing insight and ideas on how you can capitalize on your audience through promotions, signage, and other print marketing materials. 

When planning any marketing strategy, partner with an experienced provider who can help you reach who you need to reach, affordably. Marketing Tech can help you create a print marketing strategy that fits your budget by helping you understand the capabilities of print, and provide insights to make decisions that help get you the results you’re looking for.

Results That Are Measurable.

What’s any marketing strategy without return-on-investment? Analytics, demographic targeting, customization, and all the things that have become necessary to help demonstrate ROI in the digital world can now be executed and demonstrated with direct mail and other unique marketing that can be partnered with print.

It’s often misconstrued that traditional marketing methods don’t provide insight into what works and what doesn’t work. This is simply untrue, but, print marketing success does require experience and creativity to ensure results in the form of ROI.

By harnessing the power of data through unique tracking measures, businesses can get an accurate idea of how their print campaigns are performing for their investment. With this ever-evolving data, we can work together to continue to make more informed decisions and continuously sharpen our strategy to maximize your ROI.

Trustworthiness & Credibility

Research shows that even as we consume more media and advertising through screens with each passing day, traditional print maintains a unique place of trust in consumers’ minds. Print advertising and physical items add value to your organization’s marketing strategy by adding a sense of trust and legitimacy to your brand. Promotional items, signage, flyers, and brochures, are all important to help your audience trust that you’re the right company to work with, or the right product to buy. 

Physical print materials command attention, allowing more in-depth exploration, value of your brand, and your message. Credibility and trust are extremely important to any brand, as it helps to build trusting relationships with your target audience, as well as nurture your current customers. How can we help your business build trust with your potential buyers?

Ability to Connect Creatively

If you try to produce print marketing yourself, you may end up turning against print as a successful marketing strategy. Once again, experience matters when making print marketing decisions. By working with a local company here in Buffalo, you can trust that your brand will be truly represented through the creative minds of local talented designers who are passionate about helping Buffalo businesses. 

With the printing technologies available at Marketing Tech, you can create unique items that stand out from your competition, and the possibilities are endless. 

From marketing collateral and vinyl wraps to promotional materials, we can help you connect with your audience with eye-catching memorable messaging. Through personalization and customization, you can create a unique bond with each potential buyer to help establish an emotional connection that values their interests.

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Reachability & Retention

Print materials go where digital materials can’t. Strategically placing print materials, whether in your showroom, at a trade show, or on your glass storefront, print allows you to reach your audience in places digital ads just can’t. There are also plenty of potential buyers who simply don’t choose to live their lives online, or may not have access to digital devices. 

Physical print marketing materials can also provide a different way to connect in a more personal way. That physical piece is kept and saved when executed properly. Studies have shown, despite how much more utilized the internet is than ever before, we retain information from physical media like print at a higher rate than digital. It’s true in books vs. e-books, and the same principles apply to advertising. 

Print material invites a more thoughtful messaging pace, fostering loyal retention and ideally converting to a sale or new customer. Loyalty and engagement through the right print strategy can provide long-standing relationships that last. 

Let Marketing Tech Be Your Print Marketing Solution

We have over a century of combined experience in the print market and direct mail. Was your last brochure too bland to capture the creativity of your brand? Are you unhappy with the return on investment of your existing print strategy? Are you questioning whether the design or targeting of your previous appeal mailers prevented you from securing donations? 

If you have questions about whether or not print is right for your Buffalo business, We should talk! Fill out our form to speak with someone about your project today! Stay tuned to the blog for future tips on how your business can grow!

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