5 Website Design Ideas That Are Trending Now

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Figuring out how to present yourself can be the difference between your business going cold and creating new customers. If you need to make a great impression, it all starts with your website.

These five website design ideas will give you results.

1. Always Place a Heavy Priority on Mobile

When’s the last time you got off the couch, grabbed your computer, and booted it up to load a website that you could have just as easily accessed on your smartphone?

Most people feel comfortable using their cell phones for just about everything today, so this is where all your customers are. Because of this, you need to start thinking about how your website shows up on mobile devices.

Several graphic design professionals are beginning to prioritize mobile, so they can come up with designs that feed your creativity and grab the attention of your visitors.

Hire professionals that can create a responsive design layout that makes it easier for people to use your site.

2. Use Dark Mode to Look Out for Your Visitor

Because people spend so much time on their phones, it’s important to make the browsing process as easy on the eyes as possible.

Switching to Dark Mode helps you protect your visitors’ eyes. This prevents fatigue and allows them to spend more time interacting with your website.

3. Make it Minimalist With White Space

There is no reason that you should have a cluttered website in this day and age. In fact, it is counterproductive.

Minimalist pages are in. Make it decorative but simple, so that people can quickly get the information that they need. The more complicated your layout, the less time people will spend on your site.

4. Play Around With Illustrations

Flex your creativity when coming up with website designs and layouts. Illustrations add a fun twist to your website and create the kind of artistry that grabs people’s attention.

If you have a quality web designer they can show you plenty of illustration styles that you can throw into the mix. This adds plenty of contrast to your site and can help create whatever vibe speaks for your brand.

5. Try Out Some Bold Fonts

The font style is really where you can stand out and make an impression. There are so many custom created fonts that you can try out that will create different styles for you.

Using one of these professionally created fonts helps you to separate your brand from others so that customers recognize you. By using these fonts on print marketing materials, you will only deepen the impression and stay on the mind of your customers.

Test Out Some Website Design Ideas

With the right website design ideas, you can make amazing things happen. It is one thing to have some great ideas, but it’s another thing entirely to have professional web designers that can carry them out.

If that’s what you need, we would be glad to talk to you about your next project. For help with websites or any other professional marketing help, contact us today!

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