7 Handy Phrases To Make Your Copy Stronger

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Marketing Tech has been a part of the Buffalo printing and direct mail industries for more than ten years, and we know how to create messaging that works. Here are seven handy phrases you can use to make your copy stronger and smoother:

1. “The answer may surprise you…”

Use this one after asking a question in your copy. Example: “Which works better online – long or short copy? The answer may surprise you.” 

2. “Hint: it’s not the one you think.”

Heightens the reader’s curiosity in response to a bullet or teaser. Example: “The one Internet stock you must own now. Hint: It’s not the one you think.”

3. “Can you name them all?”

Challenges the reader’s knowledge. Example: “The five most common mainframe network problems. Can you name the all?”

4. “After that, it’s too late.”

Dramatize the finality of a deadline. Example: “This offer expires December 15th. After that, it’s too late.”

5. “Ignore them at your peril.”

Makes the information presented in the copy seem more important. Example: “The seven essential rules of website design. Ignore them at your peril.”

6. “But wait, there is more!”

Use this classic persuasive tactic to emphasize the value or excitement in the content that follows it.

7. “As incredible as it sounds…”

Used to acknowledge the reader’s scepticism and by doing so defuse it. Example: “This $2 stock could climb to $100 per share – as incredible as it sounds.”

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