To Whom ROI Is Concerned – 7 Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Direct Mail Company

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Direct mail is only as good as the direct mail company in control. We’re here to help you understand what separates one direct mail company from another, so you can better understand our industry and make smarter decisions for your ROI. Direct mail may seem simple, but just because someone has a recipe, doesn’t make them a chef! Direct Mail offers companies and organizations a clear path to their audience, and remains one of the BEST ways to reach new customers, re-engage, nurture existing customers, and help spread your message.

Let’s take a few minutes to understand what anyone looking for ROI should ask a direct mail company, to ensure they’re the right company for your vision, and provide results!

Here are 7 questions to ask for ROI driven direct mail!

  1. How Long Have You Offered Direct Mail?
  2. What Other Services Do You Offer?
  3. How Can Direct Mail Feed My Other Marketing Efforts?
  4. What Types of Direct Mail Products Do You Offer?
  5. Do You Have a Minimum Volume?
  6. Do You Offer A/B Testing?
  7. Do You Offer Customer Support?

1. How Long Have You Offered Direct Mail?

You shouldn’t partner with any company who is afraid to talk about their experience. There are plenty of online direct mail providers with quick and easy templates and simple to launch campaigns. You should always partner with someone who you can work personally with, and speak to directly to count on ROI from direct mail. Online DIY direct mail sellers won’t care if you see ROI, they are seeking to make as much money as quickly as possible, and won’t care about personal touch or customer service.

Direct mail may seem simple, but it’s actually quite complicated. Partnering with a company based in your area can help you better understand the process and ensure your direct mail campaigns are efficient. 

2. What Other Print Services Do You Offer?

Not all direct mail companies offer other marketing services. The more your provider can tackle in-house, the better. By partnering with a print company who can help provide assets for other aspects of your business, you may find yourself moving some of that work over to help support your new direct mail creatives. Find a company who can provide all your design, print, and direct mail needs, under one roof.  This will also help to ensure that your brand is always first and foremost.

3. How Can Direct Mail Feed My Other Marketing Efforts?

Direct mail has evolved quite a bit over the last decade. As other digital marketing options have entered the industry, direct mail has remained an efficient marketing mechanism. No matter your industry, direct mail can make a major impact for your marketing, but it can also help to support other marketing methods. Be sure to partner with a direct mail company who understands all facets of marketing in today’s landscape so you can incorporate creative additions like QR codes, promotions and links for your direct mail campaign to really flourish.

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4. What Types of Direct Mail Products Do You Offer?

Not every direct mail company will provide every option when it comes to direct mail products. Many focus on postcards, which can be very cost-effective, but may not be the right size for every message or intent. Flyers and brochures offer more room for more information, and you can get really creative with your packaging and envelopes. The right appeal mailer can really provide an emotional touch when personalized and crafted for each individual recipient. If you’re considering direct mail, make sure they have the right products available for your vision!

Envelopes, letterheads, postcards, flyers, brochures, magazines, catalogs, and newsletters all have a use in the right scenario!

5. Do You Have a Minimum or Maximum Volume?

Depending on your needs and budget, you may not need 100,000 mail pieces. You also may not see much return from a small run of 100 pieces. The partnership relies on your direct mail provider having the capabilities for your needs. Be sure to partner with a company who won’t force you into a package you don’t feel confident will provide results for your investment. Ask questions about your audience size to ensure you know the best size for your needs and budget.

6. Do You Offer Direct Mail A/B Testing?

If you’re speaking with a direct mail company and they don’t A/B test, you probably want to look elsewhere. A huge part of making direct mail work is testing and learning from your results. Your decisions should be based on data, not on opinion. With the right direct mail company your results will be reported on and tested to ensure maximum ROI is achieved on every campaign.

7. Do You Offer Customer Support?

Customer support isn’t what it used to be! With so many online channels, chatbots, and quick offers, it can be frustratingly difficult to simply speak to a human about your direct mail campaign. Creating a direct mail campaign is stressful, and doing it alone isn’t recommended for anyone. It takes a team to produce an ROI-focused mail campaign, and you should see support from all levels of your direct mail team. The best direct mail companies offer customer service for your design, message, production, and billing, no question should go unanswered!

If you’re considering doing direct mail, before you invest any of your budget, make sure you shop around to figure out who you want to work with. By partnering with a company for an extended time, you can allow the relationship time to grow, so that both you and your direct mail provider can sharpen the sword to get results. Direct mail isn’t a one-and-done strategy, it takes time, creativity, patience, and trust! If you or someone you know is interested in direct mail, but not sure where to start, we can help! Just let us know what you need via our contact form , or give us a call to speak with a direct mail specialist today! 

We’re here to help with any of your needs, just drop us a line.

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