Benefits of Using a Self-mailer to Promote Your School Open House Event

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Here at Marketing Tech, we know a few things about using self-mailers to promote events and brands. We have decades of experience working with organizations around WNY and beyond to design, print, and mail unique campaigns that provide results. Today we are speaking directly to schools in Western New York who may be planning their open houses to help bolster their school attendance. 

Direct mail marketing stands out in the world of digital mass communication. Parents today are overloaded with email messages and if you focus your entire communications strategy on e-mail, you could get lost in the shuffle. With the ability to personalize your message with self-mailers, your organization can make a warm first impression with a physical piece that can be held or shared, and significantly increase your number of open house attendees. 

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the benefits of using a self-mailer to promote your school’s open house event.

Speak to Both Parents, Start the Conversation

One factor to consider with using mail marketing is that parents don’t typically make decisions about their kids without support from their partner. When considering email marketing and other forms of digital advertising, we can infer that a digital ad or email is going to hit the individual parents on their own device or computer, separately. 

One major benefit of using self-mailers to promote your school is that the mail piece will go to the HOUSEHOLD, not to the device, so the chances of starting a conversation between two parents and a student will be more likely, as the self-mailer will be physical, tangible, and in their home.

“Save This” Fridge Factor

With physical mail being sent directly to the family’s house or apartment, you can also consider the likelihood of that marketing being “saved” in the “important stuff” pile. Every family has their spots to keep the “important stuff.” (some may be more organized than others) Whether the open house marketing ends up on the fridge, on the kitchen or dining room table, in the office, or wherever the family stores their “save this” stuff, the right open house mailer can leave a lasting impression that has a much longer shelf life and is more impactful than a quick email blast.

Find Family-Friendly Zip Codes to Connect With

Another one of the primary benefits of using household direct mail marketing is the reality that you can choose who you want to receive your message ahead of time. By working with an experienced direct mail company, you can make educated decisions on where to put your dollars to ensure a positive ROI. 

You may already have a good idea of some of the zip codes and neighborhoods you want to target based on your existing school attendance, but you can also find new opportunities to market areas you haven’t yet. Direct mail allows you to get strategic with who and why you target your marketing.

Educate New Families On Why Your School is Right for Their Child

Whether you are marketing for a private elementary school, charter school, Christian school, or college/university, direct mail offers the opportunity to open up your audience to new families. You can educate families that may not know about the benefits of choosing your school with unique differentiators that set you apart. The right design can create attention, but you can also include pertinent information creating a lasting impression and speaking directly to parent and student needs.

Here are a few things you can consider demonstrating with your self-mailer: 

  • Why students love your school
  • Statistics and facts about the impact of your school
  • Unique class and program offerings
  • Who the ideal student is
  • Why parents love your school
  • A new feature or addition to your school
  • Why teachers and faculty love your school
  • The success rate of students who attend your school
  • Why a charter school features positive alternatives to public education
  • Why a private school may offer a better experience for their child
  • Why a Christian or faith-based school can benefit their child

Use Self-Mailers for More Than Just the Open House…

When it comes to mail marketing, all of these benefits don’t only apply to promoting an open house! Using direct mail can be extremely beneficial for all aspects of messaging to both new and existing families. 

Self-mailers can memorably offer awareness and useful information regarding other events, school community news, tutoring services, summer camps, alumni events, and much more!

If you’re interested in learning more about the many use cases and benefits of using self-mailers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can create letters, postcards, catalogs, flyers, and just about anything you need to print and mail. You name it, we print it! We are experts in our industry and take pride in what we do! Just head leave us a message on the form below to speak with a representative today!

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