Seneca Nation Murals

large format museum display

The Seneca Nation asked Marketing Tech to produce historical artwork for the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino in Downtown Buffalo, NY. This artwork would adorn the walls for visitors to experience when traveling in one of the four vestibules from the parking ramp to the main casino building.

The challenges of this project were many. How to represent the history of the Seneca Nation in an appropriate way? What size artwork would best fit this large space? Would old and low-resolution photos be scalable for a life-sized piece? Could we turn it around on a short deadline of just three weeks?

Marketing Tech came up with a solution to create four unique, museum-quality murals, each themed with a key piece of Seneca Nation and Buffalo Creek history – Buffalo Creek Territory, Women at Buffalo Creek, Transitions, and Buffalo Creek Today. The five-foot by twelve-foot murals were then framed with proper lighting showing them the attention they deserve.

The talented designers at Marketing Tech were able to optimize the available images, while also photographing historic sites in the region such as Forest Lawn Cemetery. The use of sepia tones gives the murals a historic feel, contrasts well with the text for easy readability, and provides the proper background for historic images. Our strong partner network also enabled us to quickly find a production and installation partner, helping us meet our three-week deadline and earning praise from our client.

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