5 Things To Consider When Marketing To Generation Z

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As a generation raised with social media in an era of a continually expanding digital universe, Generation Z is comprised of empire-building creatives that are savvy well beyond their years. These 13 to 22-year-old masters of the digital world are spending billions of dollars each year on current technologies and make up a significant chunk of the market. We should be taking note of how this up and coming generation openly embraces ever-evolving technologies and uses them to their advantage. We can learn a lot from these young minds!

According to Adweek, Generation Z will make up 40 percent of the population by 2020. So what does this mean for businesses? It’s time to start thinking about how to craft your marketing strategies to tailor to this diverse generation. We’re going to run through some things to consider when trying to grab the attention of this powerful generation.

1.) Social media is a must

Generation Z is the first to grow up with social media at their fingertips. Sure, millennials got a little taste in their youth, but that is nothing compared to their predecessors. Because of the quick and easy access to the social universe, this generation spends a lot of their time online. On average, they will check their accounts as much as 100 times per day. With all of that being said, the importance of having an appealing online presence is very clear. Gen Zers place value in online sources with reviews, a good following and creative content. How does your social presence hold up?

2.) Gen Z wants authenticity

Gen Zers want to see real people in marketing campaigns and not perfectly curated models with unattainable attributes. This generation is all about self-love, acceptance, and diversity, so it’s important to keep that in mind when building your marketing strategy. Create something inclusive that people can relate to and not just compare themselves to! Inject powerful meaning into your efforts and make sure you’re offering something of value to this generation. Explain to your Gen Z customers how your product or service can help them without just trying to sell sell sell all the time because it will not work.

3.) Mobile First

Although Gen Zers are savvy across multiple devices, they tend to gravitate toward a mobile experience first which is most likely due to their heavy immersion into the world of social media. These days, it’s expected that every website has a mobile-friendly version tailored to individuals who prefer to browse the web on their mobile devices. A hard to navigate site that is not optimized for this experience will turn potential customers away as they will look elsewhere for a better user experience.

4.) Be a company they can look up to

Generation Z is all about integrity and they genuinely care about the world and all who inhabit it. This generation is hyper-aware of the environmental, social, and political issues that our societies are facing. According to the National Retail Federation, 55 percent of Gen Zers choose brands that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. This is because they want to invest their money on brands that are reflective of themselves and their peers. Start by evaluation your core values and contributions to society and ask yourself if your brand holds up.

Brands that do a great job of connecting with Generation Z:

5.) Humor and entertainment are motivators

This generation thrives off of creative freedom and expression. Think memes, emojis, Snapchat filters, and crazy graphics. Nothing is off limits! Create some content that plays off of the latest viral video or meme going around. Like we previously mentioned, Generation Z spends a lot of time online so they know the latest and greatest of everything so staying relevant is key! Don’t be afraid to take a creative risk knowing that Gen Zers live for that!

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