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What is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is an amazing service from the USPS that allows consumers to digitally preview their mail and manage packages that are arriving soon. Consumers are able to view images of the mail they will be receiving that day and track packages sent to them via email or on their mobile app or online dashboard.

How business, education, non-profits, and political campaigns can benefit:

The USPS allows you to submit a digital ad that will be placed directly with the image of your mail piece for FREE. The ad can link to any landing page or website.

Additional TouchPoints – Additional Response Opportunities– Faster Response Rates – Color Images (default images are not in color, campaign images are) so you will get noticed.

  • Registered User Counts as Oct. 2019 – Almost 20 million nationwide and 68 thousand in greater Buffalo (zip codes 140 – 143 and 147). All counts may be found at Users and Household Data (Excel)

  • Email open rate – 72.5%!!!

  • 92% clickthrough rate!!!

  • Reach up to 19,977,200 people nationwide. Reach up to 67,796 people in W.N.Y. FOR FREE with any mailing.

For more information about why Direct Mail is as important as ever, check out our earlier blog post.

Find out more and sign up at the USPS Informed Delivery website and check out this video.

ACT NOW – The USPS is offering a 2% discount off postage for utilizing this free service until Nov 30, 2019.

ACT NOW – Marketing Tech will design and place your ad for free until Nov 30, 2019.

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