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Welcome back to our blog here at Marketing Tech! Today we’re going to be talking about wide-format graphics and how you can make the most of them in your marketing strategy. From using best practices to some general design ideas, the possibilities are endless for wide-format printing. 

These graphics are a great way to display, promote, showcase, and enhance brand awareness through visual communication. Custom wall graphics and other wide-format options make the walls of your business feel one of a kind. No matter the kind of material you’re looking to have printed, from wall wraps to canvas to repeat banners, in-store visuals, window graphics, and more, chances are that we can get it done. You name it, we print it!

So, how do you make the most of your large format graphics? Let’s get into it. 

Best Practices for Your Wide-Format Graphics 

Getting creative for these designs together isn’t a walk in the park – if you’ve ever driven past a billboard and been confused, that’s an example of bad design. That’s why having experienced graphic designers is important to ensure your message is clearly understood. What’s the goal of your graphic? To enhance the indoor environment? To attract potential customers? To create awareness of a new promotion? Whatever your goal is, it will help to determine your design and message.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to designing the creative of your wide-format printing project. 

  • Images, Not Text: Text is easy to misread and/or go by without registering. Images, meanwhile, quickly convey your message by grabbing people’s attention. Keep the copy to a minimum! 
  • Utilize Negative Space: On the other hand, you don’t want to go too far and have an over designed graphic. Spacing is important, and a crowded graphic is an eyesore. Look to the famous “Think Small” campaign by Volkswagen for a well-known example of effective negative space use. Eye-catching images and vibrant colors grab attention, and a background that isn’t busy allows them to stand out 
  • Font Size: If you are going to have text in your large-format graphic, the sizing of the font needs to be consistent and legible at a variety of distances.  
  • Consistent Branding: You want to ensure your wide-format graphic and overall branding are consistent.. If your brand’s colors are red and blue, for example, all of a sudden featuring greens and yellows with your branding is going to be jarring and lead people to think it’s a different brand entirely.
  • Hire a Professional: There’s a reason that companies keep reaching out to Marketing Tech for our print marketing graphics! Check out our graphic design and branding page to get an idea as to why and what strategies have worked for other companies in the past. Reach out today to speak with our team about your idea, and we can help bring it to life!

General Tips to Keep in Mind with Larger-Sized Graphics

Obviously, there are some general guidelines that come into graphic work and specifically in wide-format printing. 

  • Keep Things in Perspective: Remember that your graphic may be viewed from several angles. The higher up an image is, the more difficult it will be to be seen at ground level. Keep the perspective of your viewer in mind when considering the placement of your wall graphics.
  • Mind the Scale: The size of the graphic will be determined by the surface it’s being placed on, but it will be larger than the screen you’re working from. When the size is being upscaled, retaining quality is key. Vectorized images and files are a must, but don’t worry, we (and any good team) will take care of this.
  • Use the Correct Material: You’re going to want to choose a material based on where the graphic will be placed. There are different types of vinyl and other materials that can be better suited for lasting outdoors vs. indoors. We can help ensure you choose the right materials and finishes so your creative holds up and remains vibrant.

Incorporating Wide-Format Graphics in Your Marketing Strategy

Why is large format so popular in marketing? Aside from the obvious of having eye-catching creativity, it adds depth to your strategy. It can certainly add a new level of professionalism and brand recognition when done properly. Plus, it can lead to increased conversions! An e-commerce company, for example, having more people exposed to its messaging can lead to more people finding the store and purchasing.

Drawing attention is vital in advertising and a large size forces people to notice and makes it easier to be seen at a distance. The more people that see your message, the more people talk about it! Wide-format printing withstands the tests of time. Designs created to be outdoors, such as banners, billboards, and the like are produced on high-quality materials that reduce sunlight fading and can resist water damage. 

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