Most Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

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In the days of digital ads and social media, people often forget about one very important form of outreach: direct mail marketing.

When done right, direct mail marketing can have a high return on your investment. But when done poorly, companies might end up pouring money down the drain. This is where we come in.

Below is our list of the most effective direct mail marketing strategies. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Always Include a Call to Action

When most people check their mailbox, they flip through the contents looking for relevant items. This means you need some way to make your mail stand out. One way to do that is by creating an interactive experience.

In marketing, this positive interaction is called a “call to action.” You are asking your reader to do something that will build their relationship with your company. It helps to include an incentive.

Examples include:

  • Using an included coupon during a designated window
  • Filling out a survey or quiz for a chance to win a prize
  • Send in your email address for continued tips on X, Y, or Z

These kinds of direct mail marketing can help you convert people into lifelong customers.

Add Personal Touches

People are always intrigued when you speak directly to them. Part of that is targeted marketing, but the other part of that is a personal touch. Personalizing your materials is always an effective strategy for branding.

If you can add a signature or handwritten note to your marketing materials, you are much more likely to catch someone’s eye. If this isn’t an option, try to address the mail to them directly by their first name. This lets people know that you sought them out intentionally.

Test it First

It can be tempting to print out your first idea and blindly send it to thousands of people. But for an effective marketing approach, you should either do a lot of market research or test a small batch of mail first. If you can, do both.

Send out your marketing materials to one neighborhood, and see how effective they are. Don’t forget to include a way to test it! Include a call to action that will be measurable for you later on.

By testing it or doing your research, you can make sure you send the best version of your materials out to people. At Marketing Tech Online, we can help you produce expert materials that never fall flat.

Direct Customers to Your Online Presence

Always direct potential customers to your other platforms. If they get your materials in the mail, make sure to encourage them to visit your website or social media channels. This is a great way to increase engagement with your brand.

Reach More People With Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a way to convert new customers that is often overlooked. But when it is done right, it can attract new clients and build your brand awareness.

Are you interested but not sure how to get started? Contact our team at Marketing Tech Online to start building your marketing strategy today!

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