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Our team at Marketing Tech takes pride in being a top print marketing expert in Buffalo. We serve many industries in WNY and beyond to help provide impactful print marketing resources that help educate, inspire, foster trust, and convert prospects into customers & clients. We use this blog as a resource for professionals to better understand the “why” behind what we do. Every industry, every company has different goals and intentions, but there are certain factors that demonstrate clear benefits for any industry or brand. Today we want to focus on the benefits of a print newsletter for your customers. 

Connecting with your market through the use of print newsletters may not seem like the newest idea, but it’s becoming more and more clear that the novelty and nostalgia of print marketing is coming back stronger than ever as digital media has encapsulated users with an onslaught of targeted ads, spam emails, automation and other digital tactics. Let’s talk a bit today about why print newsletters can benefit your customer in 2024.

  • Educate
  • Inspire 
  • Foster Trust
  • Convert


A physical marketing tool like a print newsletter is more likely to be seen than a digital version. It provides a unique space to highlight your company story like no other. Loyal customers will feel included and connected with your brand.  Print marketing also provides a plethora of creative opportunities to educate your customers about what’s going on internally, what’s coming soon to the public, who’s being recognized, when they can expect a promotion or event, and/or how they can benefit as an exclusive recipient of the newsletter.


There are a lot of bogus cold emails going out right now. New tools to gather customer and prospect data means digital ads and marketing are being muttered across every user’s inbox and social feed. An email newsletter may seem like a more affordable option, but getting lost in a user’s inbox is more likely than inspiring authentic action. Let’s look at an example of how a print newsletter can work more efficiently for both existing customers, and prospects.

Local chiropractor seeks to send a print marketing newsletter to its existing 100+ customers, and to every residential home within a 6 mile radius of their location with EDDM. (Every Door Direct Mail).  This places their message in front of both clients and prospects, providing the opportunity to share the benefits of the chiropractors services.

Existing Customer– Gary gets home and checks the mail to see a colorful and organized newsletter featuring a familiar logo of his local chiropractor. The cover offers up an informative article about a new staff member & their approach, and on the last page is a referral program that offers incentive for existing customers that provide a new client. Gary sets a reminder in his phone to remember to book his next adjustment and decides to call his brother and see if he’s still interested in fixing that kink in his neck. 

Email alternative- Gary sees the email headline on his lunch break in his personal email, and takes a quick gander but gets distracted and forgets to set his appointment. 

Potential Customer- Sandy has been dealing with back problems. She’s driven by the plaza where the chiropractor is, but doesn’t know anyone who’s been there before. She considered walking in but was unsure. She receives a high-quality newsletter in the mail that features a cover story about an award received by a young female doctor and is thoroughly impressed. She reaches out and acts on the free consultation offer and becomes a new client.

Email alternative- Sandy never sees your email because your email went to her junk mail.

Foster Trust

To better understand the benefit of print newsletters, let’s look at another hypothetical example. Which of these two examples do you believe would have a greater impact on creating trust in a company?

Company A – Decides to run a digital ad campaign that features a static ad of a smiling team of professionals that help WNY with sewer and drain problems. They stand in front of a truck and the headline reads “A Team You Can Trust.”

Company B – Decides to mail a print newsletter that features each month, a story of how a team member went “above and beyond” to help a customer. This month features a story of how a family was able to still celebrate Christmas because Bob, a 23-year veteran, came over at 3 in the morning to help fix a broken pipe in the basement on Christmas eve. 

The connection to the story, the reality of the situation, the tangibility of the investment of time and resources to a print newsletter provides an authentic connection that can be the difference between a customer calling you, or your competitor when they need you.

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Whether you’re targeting existing customers or prospects, newsletter marketing can provide qualified leads and help to convert prospects into customers. Client addresses are always up to date and you can verify mailing addresses and target audiences you don’t currently have access to through EDDM. The time it takes to hold a piece of physical mail is already greater than the time someone looks at a digital ad or unfamiliar email. With the tools and capabilities of direct mail, you can measure your impact and consistently improve your conversion rates to maximize your ROI.

Print marketing with a newsletter can be rewarding from both a financial and social aspect. Giving your team and company a unique story can also boost morale and engagement from your team. Newsletters provide a tactile experience not unlike receiving a new magazine like Buffalo Spree or Business First, but your own brand! This can significantly lift the perception of a small company seeking to build a reputation, or demonstrate professionalism for an established company over a competitor. Professionally printed materials like business books, printed newsletters, postcards, or other direct mail can provide both potential and current customers an impression of expertise in your industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a customized printed newsletter for your business, don’t be shy! We have a team of print marketing experts here to answer your questions, provide insights and ideas, or offer you a quote on what it’ll take to execute your vision. We look forward to meeting you! Stay tuned for more print marketing tips & inspiration here on the blog!

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