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large format printer
Large Format

4 Ways Marketing Tech Can Print Large Format for Your Buffalo Business

Hello, and welcome back to the Marketing Tech blog! We serve Buffalo and beyond with top-tier printing and graphic design. We use this blog to …

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blog image for why direct mail works and for what industries it works best for
Direct Mail

D2C- 6 Industries that Can Benefit from Direct Mail & Why

We’re in the business of printing and direct mail. Why? Because it works. You are most likely aware of the many mystical tactics presented by …

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fall fundraising tips

Fall Fundraising Tips

In the midst of today’s digital storm, one marketing approach is holding its own: the direct mail campaign. Physical mail still makes a powerful impact …

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Taking a direct mail letter out of a nice brown envelope
Direct Mail

5 Tips to Consider When Designing Direct Mail Advertising

In the digital age, the world has witnessed a barrage of online ads, emails, and pop-ups. Amidst this clutter, there’s a marketing hero we often …

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letters of varying size and color spread along the ground and photographed from bird-eye view, conveying the message of a direct mail campaign
Direct Mail

Choosing the Right Audience | Planning a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Hello and welcome to the Marketing Tech blog, the leading provider of print marketing solutions here in WNY.  Even in the whirlwind of today’s digital …

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Reverie Collage of wall graphics

Clean Slate | 5 Things to Think About When Planning Your Workspace Vinyl Wall Coverings

Vinyl wall coverings have become a popular way for companies to help enhance their space and create a more appealing environment. The old days of …

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