Direct Mail: Postage Increase 2023

New postal rates went into effect on January 22nd, 2023. Our simplified postal chart tool has the most used rates by marketers and fundraisers. The chart includes rates for marketing mail, non-profit, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and 1st Class mail.

Break through the digital noise!
With online fatigue growing, offline engagement is becoming even more relevant and important. Direct Mail gets into the consumers hands.

5 Tips to break through the digital noise:

  • Creativity Stand out with more visually appealing print that uses embellishments like gold, silver, and personalization.
  • Target With data procurement marketers can truly target based on income, age, geography interests, professions, giving history, and many other demographic options.
  • Personalization Create personalized messages that matter to the recipient based on previous engagement, interests, and events.
  • Reinforcement Use Direct Mail as part of a multi-touch campaign that reinforces email and digital advertising communications.
  • Versatility Take advantage of the many different formats available with Direct mail – postcards, letter packages, self-mailers, magnets, shaped mail, etc.

Direct Mail will be hotter than ever in 2023! 

Direct mail works and we’re here to help with design, list acquisition, production, data processing, and integration with digital campaigns.

We’re here to help with any of your needs, just drop us a line.

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