5 Benefits of Print Marketing in 2019

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We live in an ever-expanding digital world that continues to evolve with the times. Each day, new technologies emerge and change the way in which we navigate our day to day lives. Virtual assistants help us explore the web and smartphones have become an extension of our human anatomy. 

Print marketing, on the other hand, has been around for a lot longer than you may have expected and it’s not going anywhere! Let’s take it back to 1450 where Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press that quickly revolutionized the production of print media. His brilliant invention would facilitate the mass-production of flyers and brochures that would eventually lead to the production of magazines in the 1730s…The rest is history!

It’s important to know that while we do live in a very digital age, print marketing is far from dead! In recent years, digital marketing has presented us with new avenues of marketing with different features and benefits. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this surge in digital marketing outlets doesn’t necessarily knock out print marketing, it simply makes us view our options differently because each has its own benefits. Don’t compare apples to oranges!

Here are just a few benefits of print marketing:

1.) People trust print ads more than digital ads

Since print has been around for a long time, consumers tend to view this medium as trustworthy, and in turn, spend more time consuming the content and absorbing the message you’re putting out there. Digital marketing tends to create hesitation in consumers as there is a fear of spam, viruses and false information. There are soooo many companies online so who can you really trust?!

2.) Print lasts longer

When you dive into the realm of digital advertising, it’s important the think about the longevity of your campaign. Your ads will only be running for however long you decide to pay for them! With print, your messages are out there until they no longer hold value. If you create door hanger menus to be mailed to a section of the city, it’s more than likely that a big chunk of customers will either hang it on their fridge or put in their drawer full of other menus. That way, when the time comes to pick a restaurant for dinner, you can be top of mind. Many people scroll right by digital ads, and even if they don’t, it’s likely they will be distracted by another post before they take action. And once that feed is refreshed, that digital ad won’t be found!

3.) An effective way to deliver messages and increase brand engagement

A study from Temple University consumer neuroscience even found that there is a much greater emotional response and recollection of print media. So many companies are pouring dollars into digital advertising just to then be oversaturated by other content.

4.) Cost-effective and timely

Whether you’re looking to get your hands on some flyers, business cards or brochures, print marketing materials are very cost-effective. As digital marketing becomes more competitive, printing costs are dropping because of technological advancements. It’s the perfect time to consider harnessing the power of print in your next marketing campaign.

5.) Personalized approach

Personally tailed messages are extremely effective in eliciting a response from consumers. Taking the time to customize your messaging to your audience shows a caring initiative that evokes a positive emotional response. Whether you’re sending out a personalized postcard or a promotional piece, it will hold much more meaning than a Facebook ad. Plus, having something tangible gives you the added benefit of being able to stick in on your fridge or in your office as a reminder!

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  1. Eli Richardson

    I found it interesting when you talked about how printed ads help your business gain trust from potential customers. Recently, one of my friends said he’s interested in organizing a fundraiser for his neighborhood. I believe my friend could benefit from printing some banners and giving out a few flyers, so I’ll be sure to suggest it! Thanks for the advice on how printed media’s here to stay and comes with many advantages.

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