What Defines Quality Content in 2019 and Why is it So Important?

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There’s no way you’ve gotten this far into 2019 and haven’t heard the words “quality content” in passing. These buzzwords are sweeping the marketing world for a good reason! Content is the lifeblood of your marketing efforts. Quality content grabs attention and keeps people invested.

The content you’re creating can be anything from photos and videos to blogs and eBooks. If the process of content creation is so important to the livelihood of our marketing efforts, then shouldn’t all of the content we’re producing be high quality? In a perfect world, yes, but it’s never that easy is it? Crafting meaningful content can exponentially improve your marketing efforts and we’re here to tell you why and how you can leverage these “tools.”

Content to leverage and how:


According to Forbes, websites that include a blog typically have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. (basically, sites with blogs have a greater chance of ending up on the first page of search engines). Blogs have always been an important platform in driving visitors to your site. However,  just because you write it, doesn’t mean the masses will come flocking. Your blog posts should be carefully written around relevant industry keywords and laid out in a manner that is easy to digest. Check out one of our favorite social media marketing blogs that does a great job crafting their posts.

Social media posts

Harness the power of social media! We cannot stress this enough. Social platforms help small and large businesses alike reach massive audiences and nurture new and existing relationships. While not every social network will be beneficial to your business, seek out the ones that will. Harness these platforms to create greatness! Don’t settle for blurry photos and broken social media strategies. Take the time to create content that compliments your business and displays your talents. If you don’t believe you’re capable of doing that, hire someone!


High-quality photos are important so don’t settle for less! Whether your photos are going to be used on your website, social channels or brochures, they should always be high-quality and professionally crafted. You want people to be impressed with your marketing collateral. Making a great impression is the whole point of marketing, right?


The best way to grab attention! Wyzowl’s 2017 State of Video Marketing survey shows that 94% of businesses see video as an effective tool. Video content is popping up all over, and in fact, 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018). This number has been growing over time and continues to do so! So what are you waiting for?

Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Oreo created this short video as a very clever play off of HBO’s Game of Thrones and we’re loving it!


These graphical masterpieces are perfect for breaking down complex ideas or strategies into easily digestible elements. Plus, graphics always capture more attention than just text! Content that is easy on the eyes AND captivating? It’s a win-win!

eBooks / Downloadable assets

This effective type of long-form content is perfect for not only addressing relevant industry topics but also for generating leads. We’ve all landed on a page where you need to enter your email address to view the content. Smart, right? Leverage this as a way to build your customer base and attract website visitors.

The content you’re putting out is a direct reflection of your brand. Content is what brings customers through the door and keeps them coming back. Always remember to choose quality over quantity. Take time to carefully craft content that is informative and relevant and your results will thank you! Happy creating!

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