Retractable Trade Show Banners – What Are Your Options?

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One of the most important parts for a company attending a trade show is ensuring you memorably represent your brand. One of the ways you can affordably help showcase your company is to invest in retractable trade show banners. Unlike traditional banners, these large format pieces are easy to set up, take down, and transport, which makes them perfect for events, trade shows, and other promotional activities. Today we want to discuss a few aspects of creating a highly visible banner that attracts event goers and conveys your message.

Here are a few things to consider when investing in Retractable Trade Show Banners.

Why Retractable Banners?

As we mentioned, retractable banners are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a simple setup. The setup time takes only a few minutes, and all you need to do is attach the pole stand and pull the banner out. This is the quickest option for large-format graphics that need to be on the go. It allows for more time engaging with potential customers and less time worrying about booth setup.

Retractable banners are reusable. They hold up over time using high-quality materials and provide flexibility for use in a multitude of event types. From indoor tradeshows like home shows to outdoor events like festivals, these large format graphics are an excellent way to attract attention to your booth or exhibit.

One of the best aspects of retractable large-format banners is that they are cost-effective. This is in large part due to reusability, but also because they don’t require specialized mounting or permanent setup like other traditional printed signs and banners. This makes them an economical solution for businesses of just about any size. 

Designing Your Retractable Banner

There are plenty of DIY design options around on the internet today, but we recommend turning to a professional for graphic design for anything large format. Professional graphic designers can maximize your message with a keen eye for ensuring the space is used properly, and everything you need to say or show is formatted in a way that is optimized for the larger format. 

When thinking about your banner, one of the first things you should consider is your message. 

This will depend on your brand, but your banner’s text should be impactful and concise. Whatever it is that you’re trying to communicate, whether it be your company tagline, a seasonal promotion, or any other application, remember less is more in the world of banner marketing. 

Captivate your audience with eye-catching graphics.

This is where a professional graphic designer can really take your banner to the next level. Obviously, you need to include your logo, your brand’s colors, and a catchy tagline, but the more memorable the design the better. A professional designer will be able to take your vision and bring it to life in the form of graphics that help support the message you’re trying to convey.

Consider incorporating Dynamic QR Codes to maximize conversion

When you work with a professional print company, they’ll be able to incorporate a dynamic QR code that can be used on your banner. The difference between a dynamic QR code and a traditional one is that the landing URL of where you send the user after they interact with the QR code can change. 

This allows you to adjust your code for each and every event. You may want to link to a contact form, an application on your website, your social media profile, or another location, depending on your goals. This innovation can be extremely beneficial in maximizing your investment in trade show marketing. 

Now, Where to Put Your Banner

Regardless of what type of event you’re using your banner for, you’re going to want to be a bit strategic with where you place it. Some of the most effective places to position a retractable banner are where the most foot and eye traffic occurs.

 You want it to be seen from every angle possible, so corners and entrances are usually the best places. You can also consider illuminating your banners with lighting to ensure it’s seen and attract potential customers at the event. 

Turn to Marketing Tech for All Your Tradeshow Marketing Needs

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