The Apple Falls Far from the Tree

The tree falls far

The Apple logo has evolved over the years. The original from 1976 was designed by Apple co-founder, Ronald Wayne. It featured a complex image of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, with the words “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought.” It was a high contrast to the simple, minimalist logo we know today. However, Steve Jobs, another co-founder, was not happy with the logo. He thought it was too old-fashioned and difficult to reproduce in small sizes. So in 1977, he hired Rob Janoff to design a new logo. Janoff’s logo was a simple, two-dimensional apple with a bite taken out of it. The colors of the apple were inspired by the rainbow spectrum, a nod to the first computer to support color graphics, the Apple II. This new logo was a hit and has been used by Apple ever since. In 1998, the rainbow colors were dropped, and the logo was simplified to a single color to make it modern and timeless. The Apple logo has stood the test of time and is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It still serves as a symbol of innovation, creativity, and simplicity.

This article was created using output from Google’s AI chatbot, Bard. The text prompt to generate the text was, “brief story about the evolution of the apple computer logo.” The text was edited to further simplify.


The Apple Logo and tree

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