What Are Print Templates & How Do They Help?

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Here at Marketing Tech, we provide print solutions for organizations all over WNY. In today’s world, just about anyone can consider themselves a “graphic designer.” With so many online tools, AI tools, and other ways to create graphics, it can seem easy, but any real graphic designer will tell you there is a specialized craft behind what they do. One of the most important factors in printing is ensuring that graphics are prepared for print, or what is known as “print ready.” Today on the blog we’re going to talk about print templates, why they’re important, and most importantly, how they can help!

What is a Print Template?

A template is defined as a framework or foundation, upon which designs and documents can be built. A Print template offers a starting point for understanding the best positioning for your text and graphics to maximize your design. 

Whether looking at a postcard, letter, brochure, poster, banner, or other type of print marketing, a template provides a means to get started with more than just a blank white page. This is especially helpful for companies and organizations who may not have much design experience, but templates also serve a few other key benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Print Templates?

  1. A Starting Point- If you’ve ever been tasked with designing a brochure or flyer, you know the feeling of starting off with that blank white page. Where do you start? What do you want it to say? How do you want it to look? If you aren’t a graphic designer, you will struggle, and time is of the essence!
  2. Time is Money!- When you have a template at your disposal, you get a quicker vision of your final product, and you can save yourself a lot of useful time. In addition to having an easier way of getting your print marketing designed quicker, it also allows for more of a DIY approach which can essentially save you money on professional graphic design. 
  3. Fits Printing Standards- By starting off with a print-ready template, you save yourself additional time and money from the later stages of design which include ensuring your final design is TRULY final or ready for print. There are specific dimensions and requirements that won’t be considered unless you have a print template ahead of time to work from.

Need A Print Template? Check Out Our Template Library Here!

What Specifications Does a Print Template Feature?

To better understand some of the benefits of using a print template, let’s review some of the specifics you will find on a template. All of the following will be visible in the design and proof images, but not visible in the final print.

  1. Fold Lines- These markings are formatted in a way that presents the print finisher with where the piece will be folded or bound once printed. It allows for room for the area that will be folded to be visible and prevents offsetting and crooked printing. 
  2. Bleed Lines- These markings are what indicate to the printer where a document or design should be trimmed, and how much “bleed” of the artwork will extend beyond these lines This helps the printer account for any paper movement or inconsistencies during the printing process, and allows the final design to have no unprinted edges.
  3. Size- Quite simply, this provides the designer with the surface area that a specific portion of the design will cover. By having an idea of various sizes on the document or design, they can better create a design that will finish well in a physical, printed format.
  4. Address Area- This portion of a template specifically speaks to print pieces that deal with direct mail, but is extremely useful. This white box will be featured on a template to allow the designer to work around the area that won’t be usable, as it needs to fit the address in order to fit mail regulation criteria. 
  5. Live Print Area- The live area, also known as the “safe zone,” is where the most important text or images should be placed in order to avoid being cut off or lost in a folding or binding process. When designing things like magazines, newsletters, and catalogs, the live area is used for layout purposes, demonstrating where text could occur at the top, sides, and bottom for all pages. 

We Have Templates! Check Out Our Template Library!

If you’re planning on printing soon, we have added some of the most prevalent templates we’ve found to be helpful for our current and potential clients. If you head over to our Template Library, you’ll find print-ready design templates for several different types of print marketing. We feature different sizes for Letters, Postcards, Envelopes, Banners, Brochures, and Posters, so you can have an idea of what how your design needs to be laid out in order to be print-ready. Simply download the template, customize the content, and adjust your design with the guidance provided!

If you need print and/or graphic design help, just reach out through our contact form to get pricing and any other information today!


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