What Does It Mean When We Say We’re A “Marketing Services Company”?

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What does it mean when we say we’re a “Marketing Services company”?

It means Marketing Tech can produce all aspects of marketing; from just an idea to final materials.

Some of our customers who have worked with us a while are sometimes surprised to find out we can do even more really cool things to help grow their brand. While we have certain services we excel at, we love a good challenge, meaning if you have a marketing challenge, we would love to help you solve it. You could say Marketing Tech’s tagline could be “Yeah, we can handle that.”

We are a full-service printer and can print on just about anything. To support our print services we have highly skilled graphic designers and writers. We also have excellent large-format printing capabilities. What’s large format? BIG print for BIG ideas. We can cover huge indoor or outdoor surfaces, billboards to buildings to trucks. Need promotional items? We have an online store! We’ve also built an Online Print Ordering system where you get your own custom website, making custom print ordering fast and easy, saving you both time and money.

Need an expert on Data and Direct Mail? We can help you acquire the best data for your campaign. We can then take that data or yours, prepare it and cleanse it so you get the most out of it. After that our Direct Mail capabilities can kick in. Direct Mail is hugely effective because it can be targeted and personalized. The response rates far exceed other electronic means of marketing like email.

Supporting our Direct Mail and Data is our Marketing Automation. That is our ability to connect Direct Mail, Data, Email, Social Media, Web Landing Pages, and Mobile SMS all together in a personalized campaign that can be set to not only market your brand but automatically follow up those communications with additional personalized messages to both responders and non-responders.

Next, we build amazing Websites and SEO campaigns to get those websites found. If you need a fast and responsive place on the web for your brand to shine, we’ve got you covered. We build our websites in WordPress, the #1 CMS website builder in the world. And use a Live Edit plugin, so your non-technical staff can change copy and images with ease. Select, change, save and publish – all on the live side of the website. And we now offer SEO, PPC, and Social Media campaigns to grow your brand, improve search rankings, and turn traffic into customers.  Are you concerned about Accessibility?  We can make your website accessible to the visually impaired. It’s not just the national e-commerce and government sites being required to be accessible; all businesses need to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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