Where to Find the Best Variable Printing Services

From pop-up GIFs to discounts to celebrity endorsements, there are countless ways to try to win customer dollars. As technology and big data continue to evolve, the marketing industry is exploding with new techniques.

However, there’s no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. Some of the best brands combine new marketing techniques with digital printing. This allows them to produce marketing products that reach their customers, solidify their branding, and display their creativity.

We’ve assembled a guide to help you decide if variable printing is the right choice for you and how to find the best services for you.

Customizing Your Message

Printing is a great way to crank out your message to thousands of customers. You can connect with them individually while leaning hard into the nostalgia of getting something fun in your mailbox.

However, customers know lots of marketing tricks too. How can you make sure that your flyer won’t be tossed into the recycling bin without so much as a second glance?

Customization is the answer. Most printing services crank out five thousand copies of the same flyer.

With variable printing, you can change the elements from one piece to the next. This includes updating addresses, images, text, and other messaging components.

This allows you to tailor each piece of content to your client’s unique needs and wants. It’s a great way to show that you care, and they aren’t just a faceless money-making opportunity to you!

Print Helps Your Brand

Everything is digital these days. From interactive advertisements to online shopping, it’s easy to assume that variable digital printing is on its way out.

Not so! Print remains king for several reasons. For starters, in the past few election cycles, a distrust of the media has surfaced. Many readers are suspicious of what makes it into the news, and others dismiss digital sources entirely.

Print still maintains credibility, particularly with older audiences who know what they are used to. Being in print still carries an air of legitimacy that digital marketing doesn’t have.

Another benefit of using variable digital printing is real estate. Closing out a tab on your phone or scrolling past an ad is easy and can often be done by accident.

This isn’t true with physical marketing materials. They can take up residence on a fridge, desk, wall, or bulletin board for weeks or years. This type of longevity is what many digital marketers dream of.

Another benefit of variable digital printing is the halo effect. If you print out items placed into other publications, such as magazines or newspapers, you reap the benefits associated with that publication.

For instance, getting published in a reputable scientific journal means that readers associate you with that journal. All the credibility and goodwill that the journal has accrued over the years has transferred to you.

Finding Digital Printing Services

Employing your creativity with digital printing means that you’ll need the right partner. That’s why we provide comprehensive, detail-oriented printing services that make your brand look good every time.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, check out our services today! We’re excited to help.

We’re here to help with any of your printing needs, just drop us a line.

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