Why Your Business Should Look Closer at Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is used to track website activity. Unique code is placed on your website that Google turns into charts and graphs for better understanding of your website’s audience. Many businesses know about it, but don’t understand it past the reported number of visitors each month, which is a shame because it provides valuable insights that can help you shape your business’ success strategy. Looking at your analytical data ensures success across many digital marketing channels.

The more you learn about your website visitors and their actions on your website, the more you can tailor your website’s content to improve conversion from traffic into customers.

Google Analytics shows you: 1. Who came to your website? 2. What device did they use? 3. Where did they arrive from? 4. What did they do on your site? 5. Did they complete any goals? 6. What web page did they exit from?

Who came to your website?
Don’t worry. This isn’t quite 1984 where we know the names and addresses of those that visit your website. But you can learn some basic demographic and geographic data including what city & country they came from, what language do they speak, what age range they are in and are they male or female. How does this help? If many of your visitors speak a language other than English, perhaps your site needs a language translation plugin. You can also see your visitor’s internet interests, which can further help sharpen your brand’s message.

What device did they use?

Knowing what kind of device delivered your website traffic is another way to gain marketing insight. If most of your clients are arriving at your website via mobile phone, perhaps a mobile app is worth investing in.

Where do they arrive from?

What links did your audience click to get to your website? Did they come from a search engine? Did they come from an industry-related article or another website? Shaping how traffic is driven to your website is a big part of Search Engine Optimization, which is something we provide at Marketing Tech.

What did they do on your site?

This provides great insight into how your website’s content is digested. If visitors arrive at your home page and leave immediately this is a warning that your site loads too slowly or that you need better initial content to keep them interested. It can also tell you what page they spent the most time on. This will help you improve the pages that don’t see much activity.

Did they complete any goals?

You can set up goals on your website and track whether they are completed. A goal can be as simple as “fill out my contact form” or “download my free guide.” By setting up goals you can track interaction with special promotions and find out which promotion is more valuable to your audience.

What web page did they exit from?

What page of your online content drove the audience to action? Or did they get to the first page and bail? Exit data can show you at what part of your online message visitors lost interest or completed an action.

Tracking the total behavior of your audience will help your website become a lean mean marketing machine. Here’s a great beginner video from Google to get you started https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/course/6

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