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Direct Mail Ideas That Still Work in the Digital Age

Good marketing is the sign of a self-aware company. When marketing is done well, it shows that you know both your strengths and your customer’s needs. What’s more, it indicates that you appreciate new business, and aren’t just coasting or resting on your laurels. Believe it or not, mail is one of the most effective … Continued

5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Graphic Design Professional

Are you trying to find the best graphic design professional for your project? Look for these five things in the person or company you hope to hire. Did you know the graphic design industry saw a growth of three percent in 2018? Because the industry growth is slower than average, finding the perfect graphic designer for … Continued

5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Works

Direct mail marketing still works wonders for businesses. Here are five great reasons why you should still be using direct mail in your marketing strategy. A recent study found direct mail was the most trusted form of marketing among most B2B and B2C consumers. With the rapid increase of digital marketing tools, the direct mail postcard stands … Continued

What Will Be the Big Digital Marketing Trends for 2021?

2021 is just around the corner. What will be the big digital marketing trends for next year? You can find out here first. Globally speaking, 84% of marketers are planning to launch an influencer campaign at some point in the future. Learning about the latest digital marketing trends will give you an edge over the competition in … Continued

6 Signs You Need a Social Media Strategy

Do you have a strategy when you post to your social media accounts for your business? If not, you’re missing out. Check out these signs you need a strategy. Are you sick of posting on social media only to get minimal likes and no shares? Stop spinning your wheels on all those social media platforms … Continued

6 Steps to Take When Your Business Is Rebranding

Change is good in business and rebranding is common, so next time you need to update your brand, follow these simple steps. You want to reach a new customer base. You want to bring your existing customers up to date on your latest services. You want to incorporate clean, modern artwork in your company logo … Continued

Tips and Talk December 2017

Our December 2017 Marketing Tips and Talk issue has been released. Check what we’ve got for you: Read This Month’s Marketing Tips & Talk Newsletter

Tips and Talk September 2017

Our September 2017 Marketing Tips and Talk issue has been released. Check what we’ve got for you: Read This Month’s Marketing Tips & Talk Newsletter

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