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Every company has its own style and aims to create a great first impression. Creating the right custom envelope for your brand can significantly impact the first impression your mailing makes. A recipient receiving an envelope with the sender’s logo, colors, and messaging demonstrates credibility and professionalism. Whether sending a direct mail marketing piece, an invitation to an event, or just an invoice, the right envelope can convey a sense of attention to detail that can enhance the perception of your brand.

Envelopes For Direct Mailings

What good is a direct mailing if the recipient doesn’t open the envelope? Having a creative strategy behind the design of your envelope can impact the open rate of your mailing, and help to increase your return on investment. 

Envelopes for Business

You’re going to need them. Whether to send important documentation, letters, invoices, or other business mail, your business needs custom envelopes to handle your mail correspondence. We can print them affordably and ensure you never run out!

Here are a couple of commonly sized envelopes that businesses commonly use and why.

#10 Envelope

This is your standard, most commonly used size for business correspondence. Statements, letters, invoices, etc. Customizing even a basic #10 envelope can certainly add a professional touch.

#10 Envelope with Window

This is just like a #10 envelope, but with a clear window to allow the recipient’s address to show through. This can streamline the mailing process and ensure accuracy. These are typically used for invoices, billing, statements, and personalized letters. 

#11 Envelope

Slightly larger than the #10 envelope, a #11 envelope is suitable for thicker documents or other mail materials. Reports, booklets, brochures, and other materials can work with a #11 envelope. We can help to incorporate a creative design that helps you to stand out and leave a lasting impression. 

6 x 9 Envelope

The 6 x 9 envelope is a bit larger than the standard #10 and offers more space for promotional materials. You can consider marketing collateral and catalogs as a few examples. Customizing a 6 x 9 size envelope can certainly help you stand out in a recipient’s mailbox, and help your case for the likelihood of that recipient engaging with your mailing.

If your company is seeking to enhance its branding or just needs a fresh round of affordable branded envelopes, we can help.

Contact Marketing Tech today to get your project started. Need Direct Mail Marketing? We can certainly help with that too! You name it, we print it!

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