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Every business aims to stand out. Creating the right custom postcard can get your brand out to those who matter most. Postcard marketing offers a unique way for businesses to connect with their audience through creative direct mail marketing. Marketing postcards can quickly convey your key messages and offerings, and we can create them in many different shapes and sizes.

Why Postcards?

Variable Data printing allows you to create a custom postcard that addresses your key recipients by name and can be altered on a case-by-case basis to craft your message based on who is receiving it. Using specialized targeting, your business can send postcards to specific neighborhoods or zip codes using a hyper-local approach. Compared to traditional advertising like radio and TV, postcards are much more cost-effective, and with the right strategy, can achieve significant ROI.

In addition to postcards, you might also consider incorporating other forms of self-mailers into your direct mail strategy like brochures, booklets, or magazines. You name it, we print it!

Here are a few basic sizes of business postcards you may want to consider when crafting your direct mail campaign:

Standard Postcard (4” x 6”) 

This size is most common and is perfect for announcements, promotional mailings, and event promotions. It’s large enough to accommodate your message and eye-catching graphics, but small enough to stand out in a mailbox. 

Large Postcard (5” x 7”)

A bit larger than the standard size, these postcards can offer more room for detailed messages and impactful images. Ideal for displaying products, special promotions, or a nice personal message, large postcards can make a bold statement. 

Jumbo Postcard (6” x 9”)

Jumbo postcards are often used for direct mail campaigns targeting specific neighborhoods with a strategy in mind. They are hard to miss and provide ample room to tell your story. They can include extensive product information, an invitation to donate, and contain a lot of room for imagery and large fonts.

Mini Postcard (3.5” x 5”)

For something quicker and more affordable, mini postcards can still utilize tactical direct mail targeting, and provide something memorable to your recipient. These are perfect for discount coupons, appointment reminders, event invitations, and other forms of quick messaging. 

Have an idea? Let’s get to work! Our team has decades of experience working with direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). If you need to get something printed and sent, we are the team you need here in Buffalo. 

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