Data – What is it good for?

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Apparently A LOT! It seems like everywhere you go nowadays that someone in the Buffalo Printing community is asking, “How do you use your data?” But why?

It is a proven fact that data driven marketing pieces are more effective. But what kind of data is most effective and once the data is collected, how can your company benefit most from it? Here are a few ideas that may be useful for helping to grow your business.

  • Reminders – Why not remind your customers what they previously purchased or donated, or that maintenance is due on one of the products that they invested so much in? Emails and postcards are inexpensive ways to stay in touch or just keep in front of you customers, clients, members, etc.
  • Say Thank You – Didn’t your mother, dad and grandma always to teach you to say thank you? What a great way to again, stay in touch or top of mind. Thank your customer for their recent purchase of “X”, or for their most recent donation; a simple Thank You goes a long way in being remembered.
  • Increase Your Sales – Depending on the depth of the data collected – it may be possible to analyze it with Predictive Modeling and plan your marketing around purchasing history or previously purchased products. This provides the opportunity to upsell or offer clients prospective products they may have an interest in to even out your sales cycles.
  • Find New Prospects – You have a lot of great clients; wouldn’t your company benefit by having more just like them? Data Profiling looks at all your collected data and provides you a model of what your best clients look like. They may not be the ones you think they are! From this information it is now possible to generate a list of prospects within your footprint that are waiting to hear from you.

Simply put, strategic use of existing and acquired data is exactly what you need for growing sales, donations and overall impact. And maybe your data just needs to be cleaned up – we can help you with that, too.

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