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Some frequently-asked questions about SEO

SEO revealed by pulling back a red curtain


Marketing Tech knows SEO. More importantly, we peel back the curtain so you understand it. We have heard a lot of questions from clients that we would like to share in case you’re wondering.


Q: Why do I need SEO?

A: You know why you need marketing. SEO is the most trackable form of marketing. When people type in a web search for what you sell, you want that search engine to show them your website, so they’ll come to check it out and hopefully buy your product or service. Once your website is optimized for the keywords people are searching for, customers will find your business. Part of the SEO process is feeding your site fresh content. That keeps both Google and your visitors happy. And one of the positive benefits of good industry-related content is it will be shared with others who may then become customers too.


Q: How much does SEO cost?

A: Hard to say until we get to know your business. But $500 a month is a good place to start. Be wary of $99 SEO deals promising instant results. They use schemes to trick Google and when Google finds out, your website could be blacklisted. Again, think of this as a marketing budget to grow your business. And unlike some companies, Marketing Tech pulls back the curtain to show you how your SEO budget is working for you. This article discusses SEO budgets further.


Q: What am I getting for the money?

A: You’re getting a Marketing Tech team dedicated to your company’s success. And you’re getting your website optimized for search engine success. And that website is getting keyword-rich content in the form of landing pages and blogs. We make sure your business information is correct everywhere on the web. And you’re also getting access to our Online Marketing Dashboard, so you can look and see how your campaign is doing, and you can reply to negative feedback or schedule some social media posts. We don’t just email out reports, we’ll sit down and explain it all to you during the process.

Q: How long do I have to run an SEO campaign to see results?

A: SEO success is not measured in days or weeks, it’s a long-term effort best measured in months and years. We set our SEO campaigns up in at least 6-month intervals to get the best results. SEO’s positive influence is best applied over time. It’s marketing dollars well spent. Our campaigns are scalable so you can adjust your spending after the first six months.


Q: How is Marketing Tech any different from those other SEO guys I wasted good money with?

A: We’re going to guess that you spent money with an SEO company and had no idea what the results were. That’s a common occurrence. Or maybe you saw a bunch of data every month that you didn’t understand. We invested into a client-facing dashboard, so at any time you can go and look in on your campaign and do some other cool things, like scheduling social media and reply to Yelp reviews, that you’d have to buy into other services for. And you get monthly progress reports in case you have to justify your monthly spend to a board or other higher-ups. And we’ll make sure you understand that data.

Hope that answered some of your questions. We do a lot of amazing things at Marketing Tech from printing on just about anything, to automated marketing and web design. And we tie all that together to optimize your success! Get in touch to find out more.

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Some frequently-asked questions about SEO
Article Name
Some frequently-asked questions about SEO
Marketing Tech knows SEO. And we have heard a lot of questions from clients that we would like to share in case you’re wondering.

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