Free Data Cleansing

Do you feel your marketing and sales campaigns aren’t getting the results you desire? It may be that your data isn’t as healthy as it could be. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a Data Wellness Exam.

Marketing Tech’s Data Wellness Exam is a new test to determine if your contacts need a little first aid. Our diagnosis will help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your data, and you may be surprised what you learn. This free data will guide your efforts to boost sales, increase conversions, cut costs and reduce waste.

Take Marketing Tech’s Data Wellness Exam today and make your data healthy again.

data wellness exam concept

No Risk, No Cost

Send us a sample of your data (up to 10,000 records) and we’ll provide you with a free data analysis that includes:

  • Number of Addresses Corrected
  • Number of Rural to City Updates
  • Number of Invalid Addresses
  • Number of Vacant Addresses
  • Number of Duplicate Records
  • Number of Suite/Apartment Numbers Added
  • Number of Individuals, Families or Companies Moved

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