Print Ad Checklist



  • The purpose of the advertisement.
  • Anticipated audience.
  • Who are the imagined users of the product advertised.
  • Who is the assumed authority on the product.
  • What are some of the explicit values and attitudes assumed to be shared by the readers/viewers.
  • What are some of the more implicit or taken-for-granted points of consensus.
  • The basic design of the advertisement.
  • If a photograph will be used in the advertisement. 
  • If there are figures in the ad (people, animals) and what they are like.
  • What symbols and signs will
    appear in the advertisement.
  •  How the language will be used.
  • The basic themes in the advertisement.

Your Ad

  • Create ad for the correct target audience.
  • Communicate a simple and easy to remember message to your customers.
  • The simpler the headline, the better.
  • Every other ad element should support the headline message, whether that message is price, selection, quality, or any concept.
  • Find one style and personality and stay with it for at least a year or more for your ads.
  • Avoid targeting your competition or being negative about them.
  • Be credible.
  • Provide easily visible information in the ad for potential customers to buy.
  • Examine competitive ads in the media that you are planning to advertise in.
  • Make sure your ad stands out from competitive ads.
  • Make sure the ad looks professional.
  • Check your ads for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Have a couple “sets of eyes” review the ad before it finally runs.
  • Be accurate and truthful in the ads you create.