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We have been developing websites for quite a long time now and when we sit down with clients, we often hear the same complaints about their past experiences with their web developers. “They coded my website in some obscure language or Content Management System (CMS) and won’t return my calls for updates. And we can’t figure out how to make changes.” This is one of the biggest reasons we develop our sites in WordPress, the number-one, open-source CMS website building platform in the world. In fact, 75 million sites worldwide were made on WordPress.

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Here’s why WordPress is great:

bullet It’s an Open Source platform. That means all the code is shared amongst the development community, so everyone knows how to work with it, developing new themes and plugins pretty much daily.

bullet You as a client have Control of your own Content. WordPress is designed so that authorized users can go in and make all the simple edits they desire such as publishing new blog posts, changing or adding pictures, or editing text. Marketing Tech went even a step further. We use a page-building plugin to develop our sites that allow for Live Edits. Load your site, start the editor, select what you want to change, then publish. All on the live front-end of your site. No more going to the back-end and having to know how to use shortcodes or HTML! And we train our clients after we build, so even non-technical staff can made edits.

bullet The Plugins! You know how people say “there’s an app for that” on your phone? With WordPress “there’s a plugin for that.” Plugins add whatever additional functionality you desire for your website. Want security, increased SEO, today’s weather, faster load times, etc? There’s a plugin for that. Many are free and most are very reasonably priced.

bullet WordPress is also Mobile Friendly! Heck, it’s any-screen-friendly. WordPress sites are responsive, meaning they reshape themselves to fit any size screen the audience is using, which is good because these days almost 60% of web traffic is from mobile devices.

bullet Let’s talk SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Every business wants to be on the first page of a Google search. While there are a lot of factors that push your website up to the first page, building your site in WordPress is beneficial because they are updated more frequently, the content tends to be structured well, all helping your business get a Google site ranking very quickly. Google has even gone on record as recommending WordPress for business sites.

bullet WordPress was built for blogging. While relevant keywords do effect search engine ranking, what the search algorithms really look for is fresh content. Because WordPress started as a bogging platform, it’s already optimized to make the most of your company’s blog. Many companies focus on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages and forget that frequent blog postings on their website will help increase their search rankings, driving new customers to their website, where all the persuasive information and sales calls-to-action live. For this reason, your Social content should start on your blog, then be tailored to share out on whichever Social platform best suits your message and audience.

Websites & Accessibility:

While we’re talking about how great WordPress is, we do want to mention another important factor in web development — Accessibility. Currently, there are over 350 million people living with visual impairment worldwide. That’s a huge number of potential customers being lost if they can’t access the content on your website! And in the same way, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates physical access to businesses, there are rules for website accessibility. More frequently every year, lawsuits being brought against companies that take no steps to make their websites accessible.

Last year over 2,000 title III lawsuits were filed in New York State alone. And it’s not just the major e-commerce retailers and government services websites affected. Smaller businesses that have no ADA Accessibility in place, so that assistive technology such as JAWS, a screen reader that “speaks” web content, also faced the threat of litigation. Marketing Tech is proud to be leading the field in providing websites usable by all. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the law!

We know what you’re thinking. This is all great but tell me more about how I can make my own website edits?! Marketing Tech will always be there for non-technical clients who would like us to make their website updates. But these days some clients do appreciate being able to easily change a few things on their own, and we’ve one-upped WordPress’ features by using a Live Edit plugin to make this process as easy as it can be.

live edit makes it easy to make changes
Changing a picture or text is as easy as click, change, save, and publish.

No having to go into the dreaded “back end” of your website, where code lives! You can stay on the front-end live version of your website and make your changes there. Simply select what you want to change. Edit it. Then save your changes. There is even an undo and a list of past revisions so you can always revert back if you make a mistake! You can do this! Marketing Tech will make you an awesome WordPress website, then train you how to make your own edits.

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