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Pledge fulfillment / phonathon communications...

…such as follow-ups, reminders, thank-you’ s and acknowledgements are fundamental to your success and stewardship efforts.

Creating, implementing and tracking these communications can be a daunting task. It’s time consuming, costly and, if not done right or not done at all, will lead to lost pledges. Make-A-Mailing is the solution!

Cloud Based Dashboard

Customizable Templates

Data Upload

Online Proofing

Complete Reporting

What is Make-a-mailing?

Make-A-Mailing is your own personal ordering website with direct mail templates customized for your organization’s branding and messaging.

Designated users’ simply login, choose a template and, upload a mail file and mail pieces are created and mailed in a flash!

The website provides real time reporting and postage management. Pricing is simple as you pay for what you mail and is less expensive than doing it on your own.

Of course, great customer service is always a phone call or email away.

Simple  •  Effective  •  Smart


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