When Personalized Marketing Fails

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Marketing Tech has been a part of the Buffalo Printing and Buffalo Direct Mail industry for more than a decade, and we’ve seen firsthand the success personalization can bring to marketing activities.

Personalization uses variable data to create unique versions of direct mail, e-mail, booklets and more that are tailored specifically for the recipient. This personalization could be as simple as using the person’s name in a creative way (think fireworks in the night sky) or as complicated as including photos of a specific academic department or sports team to an inquiring college student.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, personalization results in great response rates – usually double to triple those of non-personalized communications. Advances in software have made personalization much easier, meaning you can increase your results without significantly increasing your budget.

Greg Cholmondeley, Director of the Print On Demand initiative (PODi), recently wrote a humorous and informative article that covers some things to consider when designing your next personalized marketing campaign.

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