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TriggerpointTM, Marketing Tech’s brand new Automated Marketing platform is a database driven, cloud-based software program that serves as a centralized execution platform for your cross media marketing campaigns. Through this software, you are able to bring in your assets – images, templates, graphic design, databases, etc. – and automate the execution of the campaign within the parameters you set. But what’s best is that Marketing Tech is happy to do all of it for you – no software to learn!

Designed to leverage consumer data to increase effectiveness, TriggerpointTM has been optimized for all size businesses, including not-for-profit. Marketing Tech recognizes the value of this service to direct marketing clients, and thus became one of the first adopters in the United States and perhaps the only one offering it in WNY.

The system uses direct mail, e-mail, text messages and social media to push a message out. PURLs (personalized URLs) and QR codes then drive traffic to customized landing pages, which collect information while offering the visitor something of value. Variable data printing customizes all of these activities, and the right message for the right person greatly improves response rates.

And you literally set it and forget it! Once the campaign is mapped out in the software, it really does the rest. It creates variable data print files and sends them directly to our digital presses. It directly sends e-mail and SMS Text messages, and integrates with your social media platforms. And with each communication, you set the next action to happen automatically based on the consumers action or inaction. Detailed reporting allows you to gauge the success of your campaign, and the ability to drill down into the actions of a single contact.

Marketing automation allows businesses to cross paths with their audiences at every level, synchronizing all online and offline efforts, creating communication synergies never before possible.


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