We’ve Been Growing

Marketing Tech entrance


A critical vital sign of any company is growth and recently Marketing Tech’s growth has been phenomenal! We’ve been adding new employees to almost every department and made some recent investments in state of the art technology that has allowed us to serve our customers better. Along with the physical expansion has come the addition of new marketing services like marketing automation. We’ll be the first in WNY to install the latest and greatest digital printing press on the market, the Konica Minolta C1100, which offers an industry leading 100 pages per minute speed regardless of the weight of paper.

If that wasn’t enough all these changes undoubtedly leads to another change. That’s right, new space. We’re excited to stay in the Tri-Main Building in Buffalo, NY, where we found a larger space that’s designed for maximum workflow efficiency – right downstairs in Suite 220. All of our expansion and growth has gained some notice. What’s been the secret to our growth? …We practice what we preach. That’s right, the same lead generation, sales efforts, print marketing and online marketing that we offer our clients is what we do for ourselves.

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